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Title: Mount Rushmore
Artist's Statement:
Mount Rushmore is the background for this quilt which was part of the "Skylines" project challenge by two textile art group.  In the foreground are local wildlife, and flora, including white-tailed deer and a prairie dog.
Rushmore is made using commercial fabrics and photo transfer, along with decorative threads and hand embroidery.

Title:   Devil's Tower,  SOLD
Artist's Statement:  
I chose to make Devil's tower as there is so much texture in it.  I used yellow-orange, red-violet, and blue-green for the triad color concept.  The blue-green is in the vegetation.  The buffalo were hand felted.

Title: Medicine Wheel

Artist's Statement: The Medicine Wheel is located on top of Medicine Mountain in the Bighorn National Forest in Wyoming. It measures 80 feet in diameter, and is part of a network of prehistoric trails. It is considered a sacred site by Native populations, and is visited for fasting, praying, and vision quests. Small tokens of respect are tied to the fence surrounding the wheel, and left within the site. 

Title:   Double Arch, NFS
Artist's Statement: 
This is from a photo taken in Utah's canyonlands. The sky is hand painted and is made with highly saturated or pure color. The other fabrics are purchased batiks, the muddy-green being the shadow, and the others showing light falling on the arches.

 Title: Stonehenge

Artist's Statement: The standing stones were placed by people who left no written records. Archeologists estimate they date to around 2400 B.C. While Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England, is the most well known, other standing stone circles exist including some in Ireland.

Title: Lunar Rover  SOLD

Artist's Statement: In the 1960s I worked in the aircraft industry and was fascinated with the plans for land vehicles to be used in the space program. More recently I have discovered the fun of thread-painting on my art quilts. I decided to combine these interests and make a thread-painted Lunar Rover. Two of my quilts, “Splashdown” and “Lunar Rover” are in the Fly Me To the Moon exhibit which is currently touring the U.S. This exhibit celebrates the anniversary of the first lunar landing. The quilts will continue to tour for the next couple of years.

Title: Apollo 9: Splashdown
IMy interest in the Apollo missions began when I worked in the aircraft industry in the 1960s. The Apollo 9 mission came closest to the moon and made sure all systems were ready for a moon landing. To return to earth, the astronauts were contained in a small capsule that landed in the ocean. There they bounced around on the waves until rescue.

This art quilt captures the vastness of the ocean where the capsule floated, and the arrival of the rescue helicopters. The waves in the foreground were created by making chenille from the cotton fabric. The closest helicopter was created using thread-painting techniques. Items were then attached by applique. Fibers were needle-felted to the areas around the capsule to represent the mist and spray produced by the helicopter blades.

Title: Moon Song, SOLD
Artist's Statement: 
Many of my quilts portray the west and southwest, as I love the openness of the area.  Moon Song measures 22" x 26" and is made from commercial fabrics.  The cactus is tucked for added dimension.  Sparkle tulle is layered over the sand.  The moon is beaded, as well as around the inner border. 

Title: Yosemite National Park Sheep

Artist's Statement:  A quilt depicting Yosemite National Park fauna is in the Inspired by the National Parks exhibit touring the U.S. 2015 thru 2017. This exhibit was at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2015, followed by shows in 2016 in California, and Virginia. The quilts will continue to travel in 2016 and 2017 to additional venues in Washington, Ohio, Illinois, Oklahoma, Indiana, Virginia, Utah, Illinois and Nevada. These quilts are in the book Inspired by the National Parks: Landscapes and Wildlife in Fabric Perspectives, available from Amazon.



Title:  Garden I
Artist's Statement: 
The background (sky fabric) was quilted, then the cross-hatch strips were woven to represent our redwood patio.  The leaves were hand-painted and added along with yarn & fiber vines.  Flowers are made from used "color-catcher" sheets and painted organza layers, with old button centers.  Last, the bees were hand-made by needle-felting with wool roving.



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